Friday, March 11, 2011

Wedding Sampler

Weddings are exceptionally special to me. It is one of the most beautiful days and occasions in a couple's life where they openly profess their love and commit their lives to one another . . . forever.  I like to take special care and effort in getting to know the bride and groom - their likes, their wishes, their preferences, how they met, etc. After all, it is their day and the photographs should be the quintessential reflection of who they are and a powerful expression of their love.

Below are a few images of weddings that reflect that style.  My style is mostly photojournalistic and I love to capture those special moments and emotional events of that extraordinary day in an extraordinary way, its kind of like telling a story with pictures.

The intimate details, the beautiful spaces, the look in their eyes, the innocence of a child's face, the tears of joy, the elements of surprise, I wait expectantly to find so that they can last a lifetime.....

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Anonymous said...


I love your work! You are sooo talented and truly have a gift from God. You will stand before kings!